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Seeing Shadows: A Peripheral View Feb 26, 2022

Why do we see shadow entities in our peripheral vision and then they suddenly vanish? I just recently recorded the second edition of the audiobook version of A Walk In The Shadows: A Complete Guide To Shadow People, and there are some new additions! Just over a year ago, I released the print...

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Inside Alaska's Mysterious Triangle Dec 19, 2021

Alaska's Mysterious Triangle is the latest tome by Mike Ricksecker exploring the strange mysteries of this universe, this time in the region of the world known as the Alaska Triangle, an area stretching from Juneau to Anchorage to Utqiagvik (formerly Barrow). The Alaska Triangle, much...

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Journeys in the Connected Universe!

Random adventures and tidbits learned along the way while exploring the Connected Universe (also known as a blog).


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Nov 23, 2022

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Oct 03, 2022

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Aug 08, 2022