Travels Through Time

Inside the Fourth Dimension, Time Travel, and Stacked Time Theory

Begin your journey into the Connected Universe with Travels Through Time, an examination of the nature of time, dimensions, and the possibilities of real time travel. Researcher Mike Ricksecker formally introduces his Stacked Time Theory with an exploration of the fabric of the cosmos, starting with ancient symbolism and alchemy up through today's modern science and technology. What clues did our ancient ancestors leave for us about the nature of the universe that we're just now rediscovering today, and where throughout history have we seen those clues resurface?

Travels Through Time explores the nature of time, ancient alchemy and symbolism, historic and modern time slips, dreams and eternal knowledge, time loss during extraterrestrial abductions, the paradoxes of time travel, and more!

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A Walk In The Shadows

A Complete Guide to Shadow People

Shadow people are some of the most mysterious entities in the known universe, and Mike Ricksecker has experienced many, starting with a tall, dark humanoid figure that appeared in his room as a child. While examining who or what these dark beings may actually be and sharing the ominous experiences of several others, Ricksecker recounts his interactions with shadows, which also include a black mass that formed in a bedroom where a girl had seen an entity with red eyes, a crawler that crept its way around an abandoned desecrated church, and many more.

A Walk In The Shadows explores the secrets of the dark while unveiling an enigmatic world feared by many and misunderstood by most.

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Alaska's Mysterious Triangle

The Alaska Triangle, much like its counterpart, the Bermuda Triangle, is one of the most enigmatic places on Earth. Since 1988, over 16,000 people have mysteriously gone missing across its landscape, and over the years this region has played host to some of the strangest phenomena ever recorded. What causes this unexplained activity and what ancient mysteries may be hidden in the Last Frontier?

In Alaska's Mysterious Triangle we explore vortices, portals, and strange phenomena,
missing airplanes, ghost ships, shadow beings and time travelers, extraterrestrials and UFOs, cryptids, hauntings, connections to lost civilizations, and more!

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