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Aug 08, 2022

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Unveiling the Shadows Workshop!

What are shadow beings? Human spirits? Extraterrestrials? Interdimensional beings? Something else? Join us November 11 at 1:00 PM Eastern and find out!

Have you ever seen a shadow person? If so, you’re not crazy. People have been reporting sightings and interactions with shadow entities for millennia, yet there are so many mysteries yet to uncover about these strange and elusive beings. I’ve been exploring the intricate world of shadow beings for decades, having had many of my own shadow experiences dating all the way back to when I was a young child. My research, exploration, and the many personal experiences I’ve had over the years, including authoring the best-selling book A Walk in the Shadows: A Complete Guide to Shadow People, lead me to believe that there’s much more to these shadow entities than what meets the eye. I’ve also learned that I’m not the only one who’s curious and intrigued about these shadowy beings, which lead to my work being featured on Ancient Aliens, and since you’re reading this, that means that you must be interested in them, too. Rest assured, you’re in good company. 

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