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Alaska's Mysterious Triangle is the latest tome by Mike Ricksecker exploring the strange mysteries of this universe, this time in the region of the world known as the Alaska Triangle, an area stretching from Juneau to Anchorage to Utqiagvik (formerly Barrow). The Alaska Triangle, much like its counterpart, the Bermuda Triangle, is one of the most enigmatic places on Earth. Since 1988, over 16,000 people have mysteriously gone missing across its landscape, and over the years this region has played host to some of the strangest phenomena ever recorded. What causes this unexplained activity and what ancient mysteries may be hidden in the Last Frontier? You can find a copy of the book here:

Let's take a glimpse, chapter by chapter with accompanying excerpts, of the areas this book explores...


Not only did I film with and have been featured on (as of this date) four episodes of The Alaska Triangle television show on the Travel Channel, but I also once lived in Alaska during the early to mid 1990s when I was stationed at Elmendorf Air Force Base as part of the USAF. Here, I recount some of those first impressions of The Last Frontier, arriving in Anchorage just after a volcanic eruption, and preview what's to come in the pages ahead. This book also contains a foreword by my good friend, fellow co-star on The Alaska Triangle, and host of Gaia TV's Mystery Teachings Jonny Enoch.

Chapter 1: Cold Lessons in Triangles, Vortices, and Portals

What exactly are these triangle areas of the world? How are they powered? What's the difference between a vortex and a portal? How are telluric currents and ley lines related?

This initial chapter sets up the whole rest of the book, defining precisely what we're talking about in these mysterious triangle areas all over the world and the phenomena that occurs within. How do elements like Earth energy, seismic activity, and the solar wind affect specific areas on the globe?

"There are a significant number of different types of anomalies occurring in the region due to the geological structure of the Alaskan ground and the stone within it down to significant depths. These anomalies are also exacerbated by the Earth’s magnetic influence, field, and currents upon these types of rocks and minerals within the area known as the Alaska Triangle."

Chapter 2: Missing Airplanes

Thousands of people have gone missing in Alaska over the past several decades, but some of the most tragic have involved airplanes disappearing without a trace, including some extremely high-profile cases. Why have these planes never been found and where could they have gone?

"Although an extensive search was conducted twice over throughout the Portage Pass, no wreckage or evidence of the airplane’s presence or of its passengers was ever discovered. Some say the Cessna must have made it through or it would have otherwise been located. But if it did make it through then where did it go? Decades later, it’s still a mystery."

Chapter 3: Lost at Sea

Tales from Alaska's waterways are quite harrowing, ranging from missing vessels, to shipwrecks, to ghost ships. This is probably where Alaska seems most like the Bermuda Triangle.

"Winds off the Pacific blast islands and seaboard towns, and gusts have been known to roll and capsize poorly loaded ships. Fog can hang so thick and low that shoals and reefs go unseen until a vessel runs aground, arctic winds will coat ships in ice in a matter of minutes, and storms will kick up so quickly and heavily dumping enormous amounts of snow onto ship decks. All of that is before we even consider the strange electromagnetic properties of the region that may affect instrumentation and account for many of these tragedies."

Chapter 4: Walking In Shadows

Are there reports of shadow entities in Alaska? Following my work on shadow phenomena in my book A Walk In The Shadows: A Complete Guide to Shadow People, I also cover this type of supernatural activity in the great white north.

Perhaps those shadows flitting about were actually images of those personnel who had previously worked in that basement decades beforehand, shadows of real human beings living and working in another point in time. Or, perhaps, they were images of those who would come after us, some future unbeknownst to us. Could they have even been ourselves?

Chapter 5: Somewhere in Time

Time is simply a human construct used to describe our reality -- it doesn't really exist. Yet, we seem to be trapped in what we've dubbed a "river of time," unable to move through it, backward or forward, at will. But what if we could? Have there been accounts of time travel in Alaska?

"Imagine that every moment that ever has occurred, is occurring, and will occur in a specific location are all stacked together in one extremely tall pile of photographs – a living picture captured every second, if you will. All these captured photos are still living and on-going within that tall stack without knowledge that the others in the stack are also living and on-going. The time slips we previously talked about would be when two of these moments in the stack of photos resonate at the same frequency and overlap for a moment. Time travel would be the ability to go to a location and move up and down this stack of moments at will."

Chapter 6: Extraterrestrials

Many of the conversations throughout Alaska's Mysterious Triangle could easily have an extraterrestrial influence to it. Were extraterrestrials or UFOs responsible for the missing Douglas Skymaster, any of the tragedies at sea, the shadow phenomena, or many of the other strange things that happen in Alaska? There have certainly been a plethora of sightings in the Triangle, including UFOs out of the water, many times occuring around the same time as other bizarre events.

"This is just one of many early reports for which we’re left with no explanation and the recent UAP report won’t even touch. Why is it that our society has the propensity to withhold information, or spread disinformation, that hurts or prevents our own progress?"

Chapter 7: Cryptid Encounters

Alaska is rife with strange creatures from newly discovered animal species to Big Foot to ancient sea monsters. The native Inuit and Tlingit have their own legends of strange beasts as well, and the land has stories of once being inhabited by giants. What about science's new idea to resurrect the wooly mammoth? We explore many of these stories within this chapter.

"One can’t help but to make connections from the Denisovans to accounts of giants in Alaska. In 1937, Alaskan Inuit native Michael Francis Kazingnuk began writing out by hand what would become a 500-page tome on the history and traditions of his people. Amongst the plethora of stories Kazingnuk compiled were ones of giants, some with connections back to Siberia across the sea."

Chapter 8: Specters of the North

Of course, Alaska is quite haunted as well, rife with ghost stories and legends of spectral beings at historic locations. Does the power of the Alaska Triangle increase the paranormal activity in this part of the world?

"The prevailing hypothesis is that energy can only be transformed, so when we lose the physical body at death, the energy within us continues on, and depending on your belief system, can go on to do a variety of different things either here on Earth, on some other world, or within some other dimension. So, what happens with that energy in a much more volatile and energetic place like Alaska?"

Chapter 9: Government Conspiracies and Cover-Ups

Alaska is a massive state, enormous in size and far removed from the rest of the United States. The vast wilderness and treacherous terrain make the Alaska Triangle area a much easier region in the world to lock away secrets.

"What concerned most people with this statement is the idea that HAARP was used to 'excite the electrons' and directly affect conditions in the Earth’s atmosphere. This has led to a bevy of accusations of weather events HAARP is said to have been a direct cause of, including the 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan, the 2013 tornado in Moore, Oklahoma, a 2006 landslide in the Philippines, and the aforementioned earthquake in Haiti, among many others."

Chapter 10: Other Connections

I love this chapter. This is where I got to really explore some more esoteric topics outside the confines of Alaska as we discover the Triangle, like the everywhere else in the universe, is connected to many other areas on the planet. How might Alaska be connected to Antarctica? Egypt? Did the lost civilization of Atlantis also colonize Alaska? How did massive pole shifts affect the world when Alaska and the North Pole actually became the South Pole?

"In another ironic connection, there’s a photo of a dark-colored unnamed mountain in Antarctica’s Ellsworth mountain range that looks so much like a pyramid that several websites have used the photo in their articles about Alaska’s Dark Pyramid (even though the Dark Pyramid is supposed to be underground). Many also believe the Antarctic mountain itself is an ancient pyramid. The photo serves almost like a visual double entendre, teasing us about two highly controversial structures in both Alaska and Antarctica shrouded in mystery and suspicion."

 "An invaluable resource for anyone who has ever lived in Alaska or wanted to visit and explore its mysteries."  -- Jonny Enoch, Esoteric Researcher and Gaia TV Host

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