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Stargates of Ancient Egypt! Oct 03, 2022

Autumn begins to settle into northeastern Ohio, more specifically the Cleveland area, with crisp air and overcast skies to look forward to until snow and the bitter chill of winter’s kiss encompasses The Land. While the frigid air may cause most to look past winter to the spring...

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A Serpent Down the Rabbit Hole May 09, 2022

Alchemy. The word is derived from AL-KHEMET which originated in Egypt meaning “from the black land.” The oldest known allegorical symbol in alchemy, the ouroboros, also has its origins in Egypt, depicted on King Tutankhamun’s burial shrine (circa 1323 B.C.). At least...

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Our Parallel Universe Running In Reverse Time Apr 04, 2022

There’s a parallel universe running in reverse time! Seriously?

In early 2020, as we were just learning about a virus called Covid-19, other media headlines were buzzing about ground-breaking experiments in Antarctica and reprinting information from an article New Scientist had published...

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Journeys in the Connected Universe!

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