Seeing Shadows: A Peripheral View

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Why do we see shadow entities in our peripheral vision and then they suddenly vanish? I just recently recorded the second edition of the audiobook version of A Walk In The Shadows: A Complete Guide To Shadow People, and there are some new additions! Just over a year ago, I released the print version of the second edition, which included over 40 pages of new content, so the audiobook companion has been a long time in coming. The additional content to the new audiobook version (due out in March) isn't nearly as substantial, but it does provide some additional interesting concepts and anecdotal stories concerning shadow entities.

The following is an excerpt from Chapter 17, "Interdimensional Shadows," which got the biggest additions, and briefly covers observing shadow beings in one's peripheral vision. Enjoy the early preview!

A Peripheral View

One other aspect to consider while examining the possible interdimensional implications of shadow people – the way our eyes work. Many times, when people witness shadow entities they see them out of the corner of their eyes, they get a glimpse of something shadowy moving about in their periphery, and when they turn to look, it’s suddenly gone. Why does this seem to happen so often?

Our eyes are made up of rods and cones, the rods being low-light receptors and the cones being like the HD camera of the eye and allowing full-color, high resolution eyesight. While cones reside near the center of your retina and help you see color and fine detail, rods mostly sit away from the retina, and although you see less detail with rods, the human eye is designed as such that the faintest objects in our range of vision can be seen 16 – 20 degrees off-center. Stargazers will use a technique called averted vision, a technique in which one looks off to one side to expose the most sensitive part of the eye in order to see fainter objects in the night sky.

Seeing shadows out of the corner of the eye is such a commonly reported phenomenon that in Episode 2 of The Shadow Dimension docu-series, I had three different people discuss this point: Esoteric Researcher Jonny Enoch, Psychic Explorer Mark Anthony, and Medium and Researcher Mary Marshall. Together, they painted a fantastic picture of how this works with averted vision, and in one particular quote from Mark we come to understand what we’re seeing in these moments in which we glimpse the shadows in our periphery.

“In our peripheral vision, we see slightly into the infrared range. It’s like when you want to observe a comet, and if you try to look at it directly you don’t see it so well. You see a comet better when you’re viewing it out of your peripheral vision. Spirits, and particularly shadow people and other interdimensional beings, they’re vibrating at a frequency which may be subtle. So, if you try to look at them directly you don’t see it, but that’s why you’ll catch a glimpse of them out of your peripheral vision, because that part of your eye is more sensitive to low light. So, these entities are around us a lot, and it’s learning, first off, like you, to be receptive to them, and then secondly, when you do encounter them, to learn how to observe them. Because people say, ‘I thought I saw something out of the corner of my eye, and I looked at it and it vanished.’ It didn’t vanish.”

The idea that the presence of the shadow entity may actually still be there with us when we turn to look at it may not be comforting to some, but the concept makes sense considering we know there is a world around us we cannot usually see with our range of vision. This world is composed of both physical and interdimensional elements, as well as many elements we still don’t quite understand, yet it’s all quite very natural.

In addition to the new audiobook, this new material will also find it's way into the print version of A Walk In The Shadows, although there won't be any new edition number. This will simply be added to the existing paperback editions within the next month (you can call it Edition 2.5 if you like), as well as the new hard cover edition that will be released later this year.

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