Welcome to the Connected Universe! What to Expect?

Jan 24, 2021

Welcome to the Connected Universe! I'm Mike Ricksecker, author, researcher, media personality, traveler, friend... You may have followed a link from one of my social media profiles, a post somewhere, a newsletter, email, heard about it on a podcast or saw me talk about it on a livestream show, or you may have just randomly stumbled in here. Whatever the case, you are most welcome!

This is the public blog portion of the website, and you're going to find plenty of information added here as we continue on this journey. You'll find much more within the membership and community side, including articles, behind the scenes and sneak peek videos, monthly Q&A articles, the Beyond the Shadows livestream, a Facebook group-like community, and more! We're also going to be adding several online courses to this site, the first of which will be on shadow entities, which is a follow-up to my book A Walk In the Shadows: A Complete Guide To Shadow People.

What is the Connected Universe? Without getting too heavy-handed in this first post, the Connected Universe is just as it sounds... everything in the universe is connected in some way shape or form. Some of you may have recognized the motif of this site, NASA's Chandra x-ray telescope image of warm-hot intergalactic matter, or WHIM. It's an amazing image that shows just how interconnected the universe really is, even on a physical level, as gas filaments stretch from galaxy to galaxy. We'll dive more into that as we get deeper into our journey, and we'll see how these principles are applied in the ethereal world as well. How are different dimensions connected? How are different points in time connected?

For now, I invite you to watch my Beyond The Shadows broadcast from July 2020 talking specifically about the Connected Universe:

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