Are Shadow Entities Extraterrestrials?

extraterrestrials shadow people universe Aug 15, 2021

Supernatural shadow entities are extremely mysterious, and there have been a plethora of theories over the years as to who and what exactly they are. I’ve had many experiences with shadow phenomena, and I’ve written an entire book on the subject, A Walk In The Shadows: A Complete Guide to Shadow People. I also conduct lectures and have given many interviews on these shadow entities, and one of the more interesting questions I receive is, "Are some shadow people actually aliens?"

This is actually a very good question since there are likely a large variety of different types of extraterrestrials throughout our universe, and we still have many different ideas and theories as to how they interact with us in our own world.

One such theory about aliens and shadow people is that the shadow we see may actually be an attempt at some sort of cloaking device.

Here’s a scenario to deliberate: An alien race is searching for a new home because its planet is dying, and they have detected Earth as a hospitable planet; however, they have also detected there are intelligent beings who have already populated the planet. They decide they wish to observe the human race to determine if we are being in which they could cohabitate, so they deploy a few of their kind on reconnaissance missions to Earth. For their own protection, they utilize a cloaking technology they’ve developed for their space suits and send out their emissaries. At times, these emissaries stand in the corner of people’s bedrooms or in their closets or outside a window and simply observe our nature. Unfortunately, this alien race is not familiar with our physicality and how our eyes receive and translate light, so instead of humans not seeing these aliens at all we see a dark form standing and staring at us. The cloaking device works enough in that we don’t see any discernible features of the alien wearing the suit or even any features of the suit itself; we only see a dark bipedal form that really could be anything, but it frightens most people.

That’s one possible explanation, but true extraterrestrial beings may actually access our planet through other means than just a physical spacecraft. They may actually be accessing our planet from another dimension.

I’m of the belief that a “true” shadow person is an interdimensional being, an entity that lives on another plan of existence, but sometimes interacts with ours. Let me give you an example of when I believe I’ve witnessed this.

Interdimensional Being at Johnny V's

At a restaurant no longer in operation called Johnny V’s in Muskogee, Oklahoma, we were just finishing up a paranormal investigation, and I decided I was going to take one last photo sweep of the restaurant. Some of the others from the team were upstairs in the bar area while others were out in the dining room when I waltzed through the main doors of the kitchen with my camera. That’s when I saw it.

It was tall, narrow translucent, and wispy. And it was so damn fast. I couldn’t really say it had any significant discernible shape since it couldn’t have been any more than six or eight inches wide, perhaps as tall as an average man, but it zipped out of there so quickly it was extremely hard to tell. From straight in front of me as I entered the room it immediately darted to the right side of the room and I heard it blow right through the thin, flimsy metal doors in the wall that led to the back part of the dining room. The imperative word is heard. The doors didn’t actually move at all. What had I just seen?

I called out to the others, “Did you guys hear that?”


I questioned them on the incident, even going so far as to ask them if they had thrown something at the door in case they were trying to give me a quick jump scare. They hadn’t. They were too involved in their conversations, although I checked the floor outside the door just to make sure. There was nothing.

So, what happened here?

What I believe is some sort of entity was in that kitchen when I walked in and was resonating as just a vague bit of shadow. When I walked in and it saw me, I scared it and it took off running through the door. On the shadow’s plane of existence that flimsy metal door blew wide open as it ran away from me, yet I couldn’t see that happen because the door remained stationary on my plane of existence. Yet sound is on a different wavelength and has its own frequency, so perhaps, that sound of the door being slammed into and its vibration resonated across both dimensions. While I couldn’t see what actually happened on the shadow’s plane of existence, I could certainly hear it.

Albert K. Bender's ET Shadow Entities

In 1952, Albert K. Bender established the International Flying Saucer Bureau during what was known as the great UFO “Flap” that year. He published a quarterly journal for this organization called Space Review which reported UFO and extraterrestrial encounters witnessed across the country. Just a year after he started the IFSB, Bender was visited by what many have deemed as “the Men in Black” who threatened his organization and journal and insisted he no longer talk about these kinds of phenomena. He shared his experience with these men with Gray Barker who reported the encounter in his 1956 book They Knew Too Much About Flying Saucers, and Bender stepped back from is UFO research just a year after he'd begun.

In 1962, however, Bender reemerged with his own book Flying Saucers and the Three Men in which he retold the story of his encounter with these strange men. Late one night working in his office, Bender started to feel ill. He decided to lay down, and when he did so he saw three shadowy figures with shining eyes wearing fedoras materialize through the wall. Using a form of thought transference, these beings communicated that they wanted Bender to stop his UFO research immediately. Accompanied with an aroma of sulphur, these entities frightened Bender so much that he was unable to eat for three days.

Bender’s conclusion was that these three hat-wearing figures were extraterrestrials trying to silence his work in the study of ufology. In his account, these beings represented an extraterrestrial race who came to Earth to harvest resources from the water in Antarctica, and they needed to be left alone until their mission was complete. While Bender painted these entities as extraterrestrials, others believed they were the "men in black," and yet other elements of the story sound eerily similar to accounts of hat-wearing shadow entities.

These three beings seemingly morphed from out of nowhere. They had a shadowy nature about themselves. They were wearing fedora-style hats. They had glowing eyes like some shadow entities do. When in groups, shadow entities are quite often reported in threes. They spoke telepathically.

I believe what Albert Bender experienced was what those who have encountered the hat-wearing shadow entities report experiencing. While these encounters could certainly be extraterrestrial in nature, they definitely have the aura of the supernatural attached and certainly seemed to be linked to each other in some fashion. I believe there are other men in black encounters which are a controlling, shadowy part of our government flexing its muscle, real human beings with some secret agenda. Having spent a brief amount of time at NSA (the National Security Agency), I’ve seen some of it. But what Albert K. Bender and and so many others have experienced for centuries is something not of this plane of existence or world.

Shadow From Light

Another interesting example comes from a woman who approached me at a conference I was speaking at and related to me the following story:

She awoke in bed in the middle of the night startled by a flash of light from a room out in the hall. She wasn’t sure what this flash was, but a shadow man rushed into her room and jumped on top of her. It pinned her down and she heard laughter. After a brief moment, it jumped off her and ran back into the other room after which she saw another flash of light.

The next day, she entered that room and flipped on the light switch. Two flashes of light burst forth in the room and the smell of burnt electronics filled the air. Most of the electronics in the room had completely fried, and she called the fire department.

Were those flashes of light possibly the shadow person entering our plane of existence and then later exiting? Was this an intentional crossing of one dimension to another that required such a transfer of energy that it created a burst of light?

Now, when it comes to extraterrestrials, if an alien race has mastered the astral plane and can project themselves to our planet using the power of their minds or the power of another dimension, then it is quite possible for some of these shadow people to actually be extraterrestrial beings. Perhaps, with the way they are transmitting themselves into our dimension from their own, we are only able to see a certain wavelength of that transmission, and all we’re able to see of their bodies is this shadow.

As I always say with paranormal and supernatural phenomenon, it’s all theory, and I’m not saying it’s aliens… but it may very well be that some of these shadow people actually are extraterrestrials.

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