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Shadow Entities Online Course

An In-Depth Exploration into the World of the Shadows!

Have you ever seen a shadow person? If so, you’re not crazy. People have been reporting sightings and interactions with shadow entities for millennia, yet there are so many mysteries yet to uncover about these strange and elusive beings.

I’ve been exploring the intricate world of shadow people for decades, having had many of my own shadow experiences dating all the way back to when I was a young child. My research, exploration, and the many personal experiences I’ve had over the years lead me to believe that there’s much more to these shadow entities than what meets the eye.

I’ve also learned that I’m not the only one who’s curious and intrigued about these shadowy beings, and since you’re reading this, that means that you must be interested in them, too. If that’s the case, rest assured that you’re in good company.

In the SHADOW ENTITIES ONLINE COURSE, I’ll address these tantalizing questions and more:

* What are the different types of shadow people and their characteristics?
* Why do some people see shadow entities more than other supernatural phenomena?
* What’s the relationship between shadow people and sleep paralysis?
* What did the ancients have to say about shadow entities and how is what they said similar to today’s sightings?
* Are shadow entities interdimensional beings or, perhaps, players in a simulated universe?
* Are some shadow people actually extraterrestrials?
* How may shadow figures be related to time travelers, astral projections, human spirits, and tulpas?
* Are shadow people evil, or have they been miscast as the darkest of the dark in the supernatural realm?

Go at your own pace in this self-guided course on The Connected Universe Portal!